Congratulations to the following people for completing tours: Mike Miles (Omaha, Oakview, NE- #43 ) & Pat Hamell (Lincoln, Haymarket, NE - #77)


Are you mug worthy?  

Well, here is the latest mug worthy member(s)...

Sri Bylore, Heather & Scott Wilson (Omaha, NE - Oakview)

Congratulations on earning your well deserved mug!


Scott Wilson, Michael Miles, Heather Wilson

Oakview, Omaha, NE


Follow me on my mad-capped adventures of visiting ALL the Old Chicago Stores.

Why, you ask?  Because I can!  You laugh....but hey, some people collect stamps for a hobby.

So many OC' little time!!!



Mike D. Miles

Note:  This is an unofficial site.  Although this site promotes all positive aspects of Old Chicago, 

this is in no way affiliated with Old Chicago or Craft Works Restaurants. 


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