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Last updated:  04/04/14

Mike's Next Visits

To be determined.  Check back soon!




Scott Lane's Bachelor Party!


On 04/05/14 there is going to be a bus trip visiting many Omaha and Lincoln Old Chicago's to celebrate Lincoln's Haymarket WBT Member Scott Lane's future marriage.  Be on the look out for him and a big crew!  Feel free to celebrate with him when you see him.  We wish him luck in his future to his lovely bride to be!  




Store Update...

  • On 4/2/11 I did a revisit of Elk Grove Village, Illinois and learned the store is phasing out the business and cards can not be run.  The new restaurant will be called Shelby Campbell's.  

Old Chicago T-Shirt Quilt

  • Is your husband or wife getting tired of seeing all of those Old Chicago T-shirts taking up space?  Janie York, in Omaha Nebraska, does a wonderful job of turning those t-shirts into a quilt to preserve your memories of Old Chicago.  Contact her at for more information.


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